Qone Americas Lab with Owner and Sales Manager

Our Story

Fitchburg, MA

In 2016 Q.One Instruments started to work with Oxford Instruments plc on a superconducting NMR magnet technology transfer and started to build magnets, in addition to NMR consoles, in its Wuhan factory. That same year the company formed Q.OneTec AG in Zϋrich for innovative probe R&D and high quality, industrial-scale manufacturing. Excellent NMR probes have been supplied to Q.One’s customers since May 2017.

Quality has always been Q.One’s top priority. Its Wuhan factory has been certified by quality management systems ISO9001 in 2014 and ISO13485 in 2017. Q.One Instruments strives to offer affordable, high quality, modern and innovative NMR spectrometers and to provide full services to all users worldwide.

Q.One Americas was established in 2018 to provide The Americas region of the globe with exceptional Q.One products and services. Its headquarters is located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA.

Pictured here is the older Quantum-I console which is targeted to be upgraded to the new Quantum-I-Plus in Winter 2020.

Our Mission

Establish new and innovative products for demanding applications across the field of NMR


More than 80 installations
around the world


About 250 Laboratories work with
a Q.One system


Q.One Americas & Global Partners

Global Partners

Q.One Instruments (Wuhan, China)

• Joint Venture between Wuhan Institute and Oxford Instruments
• Magnets (400/600) and Consoles (300-800 MHz)
• 60 Installation in Asia
• 60+ employees

Q.One Tech (Zurich, Switzerland)

• Probes & Electronics development
• 8 employees

Q.One Americas (Fitchburg, MA)

• 5 employees, 2 service engineers and one application scientist
• 400 MHz Quantum-I demo system

NMR is our only business

QOne Global Partners