Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) Probes

The NMR Instituut, led by Prof. Ago Samoson, has been a chief innovator of MAS NMR probes for many years. Prof. Samoson has numerous publications and patents, which are reflected in the innovation of these leading edge probes. 

NMRi offers the highest speed and sensitivity, particularly important for the rapidly expanding field of bio-solids. NMRi offers a range of sample sizes which dictate the maximum spinning speed.

NMRi probes share many convenient features allowing even novice users to obtain excellent results

Rotor Service Instrumentation

• spinning quality
• rotor longevity
• convenience

160 kHz MAS

1H detected CC and CN @150 kHz MAS​

HN @150 kHz MAS

H-MAS references

Agarwal V et al (2014) De novo 3D structure determination from sub- milligram protein samples by solid-state 100 kHz MAS NMR spectroscopy. Angew Chem Int Ed 53:12253–12256

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Lin Y-L et al (2018) Preparation of fibril nuclei of beta-amyloid peptides in reverse micelles. Chem Commun 54:10459–10462

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A. Samoson, H-MAS, J Magn Reson, 2019, 306, 167-172.

Alexander A. Malär, Susanne Smith-Penzel, Gian-Marco Camenisch, Thomas Wiegand, Ago Samoson, Anja Böckmann, Matthias Ernst and Beat H. Meier, Quantifying proton NMR coherent linewidth in proteins under fast MAS conditions: a second moment approach, DOI: 10.1039/c9cp03414e, PCCP 2019

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