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Fair and flexible system upgrades

For NMR spectrometers in need of repair, upgrade, or replacement, consider the Q.One NMR Replace & Renew program.
The Q.One-Quantum-I-Plus console and accessories will completely automate your existing NMR system to a world-class level of NMR performance & productivity for a fraction of new system cost.

The upgrade includes:

  • Quantum-I-Plus NMR spectrometer
  • Smart Tune and Match probe
  • Shims and Upper shim stock
  • 24 or 60 sample autosampler

This upgrade will completely automate your NMR instrument so it can be run from anywhere. The Quantum-I-Plus console automates sample changing, nucleus selection, probe tuning and filter selection. Need to run 1H, 13C, 15N, 19F for one sample? The Quantum-I-Plus can do it all without user intervention.

QOne NMR Console boards
QOne Quantum Plus Console

A one year warranty is included
and discounted service contracts are available​

51mm Ultrashield and Oxford AS magnets are upgradable.
The console and components are fully installed & tested on your magnet.
Magnet refurbishment is specially priced as an additional incentive.

The Quantum-I-Plus pulse sequence library is exhaustive for the latest artefact free 1D and 2D experiments.
Q.One also partners with the NMR Instituut to provide MAS probes for solid state probes for spinning speeds up to 170 kHz.

For demonstrations or questions on Replace & Renew programs & pricing, click here


400/500/600 MHz

  • Digital Consoles w/preamp display
  • CAN controller network
  • Direct digital IF sampling
  • Wideband RF amplifiers
  • Solids accessory
QOne NMR 400Mhz Magnet


SpinStudioJ Software

Easy to use

Support team

A fair and transparent price policy

STM Probe

High IF technology

  • Better RF performance: spectral purity and power linearity
  • Full automation for broadband nuclei range
  • About 10~15% sensitivity increase
  • Stability and reproducibility on VT and Lock
  • Multiple receivers and transmitters
NMR Porbes by QOne Tech
STM Probe Q.One


  • 24 or 60 positions
  • Compact design, durable and reliable
  • Horizontal gripper contacts the spinner not the tube
  • Accepts long samples, J Young valves and Shigemi cells
  • Swappable trays for easy loading
QOne NMR Sample Changer


The Quantum-I-Plus preamplifier is completely broadbanded which means there are no cable, filter, or quarter-wave cable swaps.

Preamp Q.One Americas NMR
Smart Shim 3d Q.One NMR Spectrometer

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Liquids and Solids

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